Anamnesis, of Renascents and Monsters,

A text-based simulation and role playing game of exploration, warfare, intrigue and romance in a low fantasy, early 20th century environment.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Poorly Supplied Units

A quick change; I recently realized that Anamnesis failed to properly reflect the historically vital effect of poorly supplied units in combat, so I tried to change this without burdening the players with micromanagement.

From now on, if you have 0 or negative Arkhe, your units will have a significant attack and Resistance penalty during combat, which sucks for you. But, on the other hand, this also applies to the enemy, so if they have 0 or negative Arkhe, their units will suffer the same penalties, which sucks for them. The game will tell you which units are undersupplied in the same sentence in which it informs you about each unit's combat strategy.

This change, though simple, should place a greater weight on starving the enemy of resources as an strategy for tackling big enemies.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Merit-Related Territory Events

Since all territories are being revised, I decided to also allow events to distinguish your character's current Merit in order to add some more variation.

In this way, in order to be asked to give lectures or lead expeditions you'll need to have 10 Merit first, just like for voting. Some jobs and actions will also be unavailable if your Merit is negative but, on the bright side, you'll also get some new desperate actions in this case.

Players with 0 or negative Merit, such as outcasts, will now get options such as boiling leather for food or sneaking into pantries. So you see, it's not all bad for outcasts.

To make place for more of these events, instead of adding 4 new actions per territory I'm going with 6 new ones now.

Also, the weird screen transition problems added in the last version are fixed for the next release.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Character-Related Territory Events

I'm no good at this subtlety thing so I guess you all probably guessed what was coming next

Since you will be able to change your character, in the next version of Anamnesis there will be character-specific actions in each territory.

This relates to another request someone made a long time ago about not having enough bad actions in territories. By restricting them to a certain kind of character but allowing the players to switch, we have new strategies available to us without filling the screen with actions that are at many times useless to us.

Philanthropists will tend to see more potential good samaritan actions as expected, Hedonists will now get more chances to enjoy life at its fullest and/or be annoying, and Ruthless characters will have more morally dubious or outright criminal options at their disposal. Many of the actions that allow you to be perceived as one of these characters will also be available only to those that truly behave in that way, so that's also something to consider.

The cost of 1 Merit for this action is especially tailored for outcasts, who are in no position to care about Merit, but can find it beneficial to switch in a situation of extreme need for example to Hedonist in some territories to start drinking, or Ruthless in others in order to rob people and pay for needed treatments.

To avoid ending up with less actions each turn given the new restrictions, I'm adding new territory actions, most of them concerning these behaviours. For now, there will be 4 new actions per territory.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Character Changes

So I've been trying to do more with the societal development in a couple of ways but they didn't really work out. I don't want to announce a half-assed feature that will end up becoming a burden in the future, so basically the net result has been a couple of features added and then removed during these last few days. Therefore I'm just going to park the societal development for a while and focus on this release's main features.

The first step has been to allow players to switch their avatar's character; the whole philanthropist, hedonist and ruthless thingy. By this I don't mean how the character is perceived by others, but their real behaviour.

This comes at a cost however. Since an unstable person is inherently less trustworthy, changing your character will cost you 1 Merit, but you will be able to do it even if you have negative Merit.

Changing your behaviour will be an inherent ability which you'll be able to access like all other abilities and trades, but indistinctly from all territories.

But why would you even want to spend your valuable Merit on changing something as presently useless your as character?


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Societal Development

In the next version of Anamnesis, we'll have a Societal Development variable which will hopefully add a new dimension to the gameplay and allow new strategies to be developed.

In a way, it'll be similar to Local Belligerence, and you'll be able to find it in the same information screen. It's a really simple value starting at 0 for colonies under 5.000 inhabitants, and in this way going up by 1 point for each 5.000 inhabitants.

This value replaces the fixed weariness recovery we had until now so that a colony with under 5.000 inhabitants is actually dying off, with territories and units failing to recover weariness on their own without the use of furniture, for example, to reflect neglect and lack of basic services. Likewise, at 20.000 inhabitants or more, weariness will be recovered noticeably faster than now.

This value also influences the frequency of voting, thus again making a colony with under 5.000 inhabitants devoid of any political activity of importance. However, this lack of interest and witnesses will also mean that violent actions will cause a much lower increase of Local Tension in these sparsely inhabited colonies, which would hopefully help create more of a frontier kind of environment. It'd also make a lot more sense of those situations in which some heartless jerk repeatedly nukes the colony for no reason. Then again, this would become a viable strategy if a lobby has gotten too powerful and is working against your interests.

This will also make reclaiming land and building housing a lot more useful for bumping up dying colonies and probably open up new possibilities I'm still considering at the moment.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

On Laws and the Lack Thereof

So over these past few weeks a bunch of cute little gypsy children have been trying to get into my house by breaking some windows and even a door. Furthermore, their father actually threatened to vandalize the rest of the house himself when I brought the matter to his attention. They're actually my lovely neighbors and this has been an ongoing thing for some time but police say they can't do anything because there is no proof. Funny part is, I can't record the children doing these things because then I'd be the one going to jail, since recording children without their parents' permission is illegal in my country.

Several neighborhoods in my town are being vandalized and harassed in this way by gypsies. Police say they're doing this to buy property well below market price, which they've been doing for the last 30 years in my town, only now it's getting worse. Apparently however there is no law against this, so it's all fine.

Anyway, as for the poll, I can gather so far that new systems and features should probably be the focus for a while longer. Some vital planned features require more content however, so I'll try to put some effort on that as well. Nonetheless, since "New or expanded features" is pretty vague, I'll set up a new poll at some point with more specific kinds of features to get a better idea of what you really want.

So far however, since the last release and partly because of these events, I've been basically taking a break. If I learned something from the previous over-a-year-long release is that forcing yourself to do at least some work every day ends up working against your productivity in the long run.

I'll probably resume development before this year is over, but bear with me for a little while here.