Anamnesis, of Renascents and Monsters,

A text-based simulation and role playing game of exploration, warfare, intrigue and romance in a low fantasy, early 20th century environment.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Overseas Roadmaps

I didn't like the idea of bogging myself with more flavour text of the boring kind, so I've made a few changes in the way in which overseas lobbies operate.

Rather than adding a number of events for each lobby to chose from, each lobby will have a roadmap or vision with certain priorities that they will try to achieve using their territories' resources.

Most sane lobbies, for example, will tempt to prioritize lowering their Instability and Tension up to a certain number, then probably attempt to develop their Strength and Economy. Once they find themselves in what they consider to be a comfortable position, most lobbies will start thinking about meddling in other territories, including yours. The priorities will vary depending on whether there are hostilities between the factions, and if so, if the lobby is on the weakest or strongest side.

In this manner, we might get benign lobbies just looking to, for example, lower other territories Tension. But we'll also be getting plenty of jerk lobbies trying to change the influenced population of other territories or sabotaging their economies.

The overseas projects will be the player's tool to prevent these lobbies from being too bothersome by for example raising their Instability until it goes over the lobby's priority threshold, thus keeping them busy with something else. In case of war lowering their Tension or increasing their Instability will also a viable strategy, as most lobbies would also need to increase their own Tension before being able to launch attacks on other territories.

It should be fun to watch the interactions among the different overseas territories, allowing the actions of some lobbies to create chain reactions over the rest of the territories.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Overseas Projects

You will now be able to undertake a few overseas projects from the Projects menu in order to manipulate the stats of the different overseas territories.

For now these projects will only be available if you have an outstation/hideout or higher as base, but I might change my mind in the future and make them available only for a fortress/dungeon. You'll get 4 basic types of projects allowing you to increase (using Terror) or decrease (using Intelligence) the Tension and Instability of each territory. When Global Belligerence is over 1 and the factions are at war, you'll also get an extra project allowing you to simply attack the territory, using Resistance and causing both the Strength and the Economy of the territory to decrease at once.

There will also be an extra project of variable cost to overthrow the controlling lobby of that territory, also using Resistance and causing the current lobby to be replaced by a new one. The cost will be high, but dependent on all the other values, so that attacking and sabotaging the city or protectorate will gradually lower the cost of overthrowing those in control.

There is a chance that these projects will be disrupted by native enemy units on the field, which will increase depending on Global Belligerence and the Tension and Instability of the territory. In case of an attack, you'll have to send units to deal with them in a slightly similar way to how you deal with threats to maritime commerce right now. This means that wise players will have proper units prepared to be shipped crossing a large body of water on notice in order to fight to prevent these projects from being halted. These combats will take place in new pseudo-locations taking the broad characteristics of each city or protectorate, again a little like some combat takes place in the High Seas now.

Other than that, I also mentioned in the last post getting another free mirror for the downloads, but I decided against it for now. After poking around a bit, it looks like all of them are either ad-ridden or would end up deleting the files due to inactivity, since over the last month and before all those "visitors" from the hacking incident, there was a total of 3 game downloads. I'm pretty confident that Dropbox can handle that much traffic, so I'm going to save myself the hassle.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hosting Hacked; The Whole Story

Welp, that was the last nail in my web server's coffin. Let me tell you the whole story now that we're mostly returning visitors once again here.

Sometime between April 27 and 28, some kind of internet person seems to have placed an apk file on my hosting and proceeded to send thousands of people from Australia text messages to their phones about alleged pending speeding tickets, linking them though to the apk file installed in my host.
Fortunately, one of those people affected contacted me to notify me of these events. Unfortunately, this happened at 4:00 a.m. local time, so the whole thing stayed up for several hours while I obliviously tossed around in bed.

I deleted the file and changed all passwords. I also contacted customer support, whose help was limited to offering me a 25% discount on an optional security package which, by the looks of it, basically amounts to doing what I was doing before contacting them. No other archives seem to have ever been modified on the server, but since I cannot fully guarantee that another security breach will not happen again, I've removed the hosting's download links for the game.

Neither the DropBox account nor the Blogger one were affected and their content is not hosted in that server, so everything that you see here is safe.

Now, as I said, I'm going to go ahead and let go of the dedicated server and domain. It already proved to be a lousy hosting, sometimes cutting downloads in half and causing other problems. In fact, the whole thing was actually a rather unnecessary expense that dates back from when I thought that the game would be able to sustain a forum and a community.

It might be worth considering again in the future under a different name more inclusive for hypothetical future projects, but for now I think I'm better off saving myself the money and trouble.

Therefore, we're shortly going to go back to free file hosting sites and the old Blogspot domain.

I'll keep the domain "" up until it expires, but from that point on the blog will only be available through the old address "", which for now will simply redirect you to the ".co" one. I'll be sure to keep reminding you about this change with plenty of time before the domain expires.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hosting Hacked

It has come to my attention that in the last hours, several people received a text message on their phones with the following text:

This message is a reminder from "State Recovery Debt Office". You have been issued a speeding ticket dated 2. April 2016.

This is a scam, if you already downloaded this file, do not install it.

It included a link to an android app that had been installed without permission in the server by hackers. The file has already been erased and all passwords have been changed.

Further measures are being taken to hopefully root out the problem, I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

World Wars

It suddenly hit me that I've claimed that the setting was similar to the interwar period but the one single most defining characteristic of such a period was missing, so from now on open war can break up between Influenced and Stalwart mainland territories.

There is a new global belligerence value that can be modified by the player and lobbies controlling portions of the mainland. The player can put forth political proposals, just a little easier to pass than those of becoming an emperor or empress, in order either rise or lower this value using the colony's means. Lobbies ruling portions of the mainland, on the other hand, depending on their belligerence, will push over time to either spark a war or maintain peace though those policies mentioned in the previous post. This global belligerence value can be tracked in the same screen of the values of mainland territories.

A world war will have 2 main effects for now. It will increase Local Tension over time, and it will cause the policies of mainland territories to switch to wartime ones, which will more often than not involve attacks on other territories, increases in Tension and Instability, curling up of undesirable populations and the such.

The game now also tracks the total Strength of the combined territories of each faction to calculate some wartime odds. As you probably know, each of the 5 Stalwart cities start with a Strength of 5, while the Influenced protectorates start at 30, so wise Stalwart players will probably tend to have a bigger interest in keeping peace than Influenced ones.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Overseas Policies and Takeovers

The gradual changes in overseas territories now depend on the dominant lobby that controls the area and are a little flavoured, so you'll get the pleasure not only to see Nivhar rapidly collapse under the rule of Tsaeron's Fan Club but you'll also get to know what kinds of policies lead to that.

Some of these policies will also have a direct impact on your colony, being able to alter the stalwart or influenced immigration or overall economy, but for now this will mostly concern merchant venturer players looking to make their contracts more profitable.

Wise dominant lobbies will do well in trying to keep the Instability value of a territory as low as possible, as they risk being overthrown by the next big lobby in the neighborhood as soon as this value reaches 6 or more. New dominant lobbies will belong to whichever faction has the most population at the time in a given territory, so if something resulted in an increase of influenced population in that territory that left it over 50%, the new ruler will be an influenced lobby. Any takeover will in turn further increase the Instability, so you can image where will a string of bad rulers lead a city or protectorate in the long run.

There will obviously be ways for the player to have an influence in the process from the colony, but this is still a work in progress. I'll post about it when things get a little clearer in that regard.