Anamnesis, of Renascents and Monsters,

A text-based simulation and role playing game of exploration, warfare, intrigue and romance in a low fantasy, early 20th century environment.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Initially Unavailable Relic Pieces!

I just went ahead and put just 2 located relic pieces at the start of each game in 2 territories.

I had to make a few changes on some hidden mechanics for resurfacing pieces, since they took  too much priority over other events, but they are now independent systems, so there shouldn't be a problem there.

Since I pretty much work in other people's holidays, you can imagine these last few days have been extremely unproductive. They also asked me to write and illustrate a children's booklet on fire prevention, so that's also been taking some more time.

That's right, the same person that is making Anamnesis was also asked to do a tale for 6 year old children. That's how low our society is falling.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Initially Unavailable Relic Pieces?

Lately, I've been toying around with the idea of making relic pieces appear gradually during the course of the game instead of giving away all their locations at the start of each game.

I gave this a try by simply making them unavailable and waiting for them to appear like they do after a territory has been destroyed, and it resulted in a more leisureable, slow-paced game in which doing useless things felt less of a waste of turns. However, I would understand this idea to be bothersome to some players, so I'd like to know a few opinions before considering this change.

It could even be possible to make small changes so that players have to be proactive to find the location of the pieces to begin with, but I don't know how I feel about that. At the very least it'd have to be a flavourless endeavour for now if we want the next release to come any time soon.

So let me know what you think. I'm currently leaning towards hiding at least some of them at the start of each game.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Espionage Tweaks

There is enough content to properly test the whole espionage thingy now, so a few changes have been made to the original concept.

First of all, those events specific for each aristocrat will only be available to non-monster units, since it was a little silly to have hieronhortean savages and unspeakable horrors gathering and conveying information and such.

Secondly, to avoid free lunches, those actions that would lead to the impoverishment or humiliation of an aristocrat will also cause a slight decrease in the aristocrat's health. This makes some sense and should also keep players from for example just stealing over and over from an aristocrat unless they are interested in completely destroying the target individual.

There is also another thing I'd like to tell you now. The reason I started doing that "something involving renascents" in the To Do list was to provide a little variety to this release's development. It was never intended to make it into this release and spying already provides that much needed diversity, so there won't be any more work on that until at least the following release. The work won't be lost in any event.

From now on and until the next version we'll probably engage in lore posting (still open to suggestions there), perhaps sprinkled with some more development as long as it doesn't require intensive writing and thus won't further delay the release. I'm also kind of in a graphic-making mood, so maybe something will be done on that most neglected front as well.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Priorities

It's obvious now that the development of the game is hitting an all-time low, so I believe I owe you some more explanations.

Put simply, because of a series of events, I won't be able to afford to make the development of Anamnesis the priority it used to be for a relatively long period of time

You see, I'm from that one country without jobs. I'm an EMT but I've been working on that only sparingly these past few years, sometimes as a substitute but most of the time just doing volunteer work. Day-long stuff used to be the reason for those days without any work put in the game until a few months ago.

Unfortunately, now some people has decided that EMTs in this country will in the future require a new certificate proving they are knowledgeable in topics such as vehicle maintenance and water treatment. I can only guess this is some sort of zombie outbreak preparation on a national level? Be that as it may, the point is I have to study those things if I want to work anymore

You however have no reason to be alarmed. There is nothing that is going to make me stop working on Anamnesis in the foreseeable future and chances are you're probably going to grow sick and tired of it before I will.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stalking and Investigating Aristocrats

Once you meet a local aristocrat, you will now get an additional option to either investigate or stalk said aristocrat, depending on whether you are stalwart or influenced.

Each aristocrat, upon creation, will be assigned a random stalking difficulty that you'll only be able to guess through trial and error. To overcome these defenses, your unit will need to pass a Mobility test, much like when looking for enemy emplacements. I feel like this is more of an Intelligence thing, but I went along with Mobility in both cases for balance's sake. A stalking failure will result in an increase of Local Tension, while a success will yield one of many different results depending on both the stalking unit and the aristocrat.

There will be two outcomes possible for each target aristocrat and two more for each unit, for a total of four for each one combination. These will have their unique flavour lines and yield different results.

In addition to the usual results you already know such as fluctuations in population, wealth and merits, there can be 4 new exclusive, more politically oriented outcomes, allowing you to impoverish, humiliate, control and harm target aristocrats.

Your own player character will get two of these actions, so it'll make for a good example without spoiling any fun. The actions of stalwart and influenced avatars are different to provide a more varied feel to the game of each faction.

When a stalwart aristocrat investigates another aristocrat, they might frequently find technicalities and suspicious behaviour in their target that will allow them to denounce them and reduce the target's Merit. Sometimes they might even find solid evidence that will allow them to put the other aristocrat on trial and remove it from the game. This will give stalwart games a greater witch-hunting feeling.

On the other hand, an influenced aristocrat player will be able to impoverish other aristocrats by sharing nuggets of information obtained while stalking them. If influenced aristocrats find a secret important enough, they will be able to blackmail the target and take over control. This will provide the influenced political game a greater behind-the-curtain feel.

Of course, the variety between different target aristocrats and other employed units will blend these game styles. The potential yields for spying on a shoe-obsessed aristocrat are not the same as those of an oil tycoon, for example.

This will also be a good chance to give useless units a more interesting role, which is something that has often been suggested in the past. For now, I'll leave to your imagination the possible outcomes of sending barber surgeons or muleteers to stalk and investigate enemy aristocrats.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Enhanced Local Aristocrats, Part 3

You will be able to turn controlled aristocrats into double agents in the next version of Anamnesis.

After you've given away a loan for free to an aristocrat requesting it, you'll get one of three new commands after inviting him or her over to your base. You'll be able to make unaffiliated aristocrats pledge their votes to you while affiliated ones, depending on their kind, will be able to either sabotage their lobby reducing its power by 0.1 each week or talk in your behalf, earning you 0.1 favours per week. The exact name of these actions will vary from one aristocrat to another for flavour's sake, with some aristocrats, for example, spying on the enemy while you will be able to make others embarrass themselves in order to hurt the lobby's reputation.

A hidden variable chosen at the time of the aristocrat's creation will determine how long said aristocrat will carry out these commands before requiring new input or simply giving up. You might be lucky and get a basically autonomous double agent, but you will more often become stuck with witless individuals requiring constant invitations and guidance, thus gobbling up your character's time.

The costs of invitations will now also vary depending on the aristocrat's current Merit. Instead of the current flat rate of 10 Arkhe per invitation, the cost will be five times the aristocrat's Merit. Really powerful ones will thus be costlier to keep close, but on the other hand those out of their luck will be virtually free to talk to.

Lastly, aristocrats can now ask under certain conditions for loans to pay for a medical procedure to extend their life, which will give you a greater direct power over who lives and who doesn't. You will be able to block almost all such attempts if you are rich and powerful enough, but shaping the colony in that way will be a very long game to play.

This whole double agent thing is admittedly rather basic for now. I've been trying several approaches these past weeks but this seemed the most convincing one. As always, there will be room for improvement and tweaking in the future.