Anamnesis, of Renascents and Monsters,

A text-based simulation and role playing game of exploration, warfare, intrigue and romance in a low fantasy, early 20th century environment.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Enhanced Local Aristocrats, Part 1

I kind of agreed somewhere else that this release would focus on politics, so now it's time to enhance political networking and local aristocrats.

First of all, local aristocrats (those you can meet before voting) can leave the colony or die over time, so you'll have to work harder in keeping an active contact network. This will be much more likely to happen to aristocrats in a bad economic situation for obvious reasons and no, you won't be able to exploit this to get out of loan payments.

Secondly, when you are asked for a loan by these aristocrats, you will be able to choose to give the money away for free. If you choose to do that, all the money will be lost, but you'll be in control of that aristocrat from that moment on.

For now this only means that you'll get more chances to haggle during negotiations, but I'm considering a few ways to make controlling local aristocrats more fun, probably making them double agents of some sort. I'd be glad to listen to ideas and suggestions if you have any though.

Incidentally, loans are now about a 30% more expensive, which means controlling aristocrats will be a little more expensive, but also that you'll make a greater profit with banking.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Affiliation Events and Choices

Events forcing you to make choices will now pop up between turns after joining a lobby. These events will depend on your avatar's position inside and outside the lobby at the time, so let me illustrate with some examples.

Suppose there is strife among members of the Birdwatcher's Association because of the encroachment of stray cats into the local woodlands and not every member agrees on what to do about it. Suppose you previously rose to the top of the lobby, in such a case you are given three choices. The choices in this particular event would range from organizing awareness campaigns to a hunts of stray cats, one would cost you money, the other local tension. There will be lesser evil events like this one, but there will also be plenty of chances to get rich exploiting a position of power in this and other lobbies.

In case you are not the lobby's leader, the leadership will make a choice among the same 3 options depending on said leadership's sub-character, which will be chosen at random during the lobby's creation. A philanthropist leadership for example will pick the philanthropist choice about 7 out of 10 times. If you are not the leader your actual choice is reduced to either cooperate with whatever choice they make, refuse at the cost of 0.25 Favours or refuse and terminate your affiliation altogether. The events will be generally milder for non-leaders that comply but, following our previous example, you'll still make enemies if you go out and start killing stray cats. You might get educational posters to hang in your base about the dangers of abandoning cats in the woods if you join an awareness campaign though.

Another kind of events will be triggered by outcast players. If you are affiliated to a lobby, your comrades will often come to your aid, usually with the best of intentions, but not necessarily the best results. The birdwatchers for example might stumble upon you and give you some supplies or they might even arrange for relatively large payments to be left for you in false bottoms of birdhouses for you to collect.

Other lobbies will provide a very different vibe of course. If birdwatching is not your thing you will still be able to join one of those fanatical cults or a criminally militant organization and have more fun.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Joining Lobbies

In the next version of Anamnesis, friendly lobbies might occasionally approach you to offer membership in their ranks.

This will take the form of events popping up between turns with proper flavour lines. Once you've become affiliated to a lobby, the lobby will use your Merits to vote to its own interests in each voting without you having to worry for anything. In exchange, for each voting, they'll give you 0.2 favours.

You will be able to exchange these favours in all the usual ways, plus now your own character will be able to take over whichever lobby you are affiliated to by accumulating more owed favours than their actual power.

I'm now working on other fun things that can happen after you become affiliated to a lobby. I'll give you more information on that once it takes something closer to a final shape.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Proxy Forces and Enemy Armies

Each lobby will start out future games with control over a unit of matching culture.

If these units belong to enemy lobbies, they might act as regular enemy units that you won't be able to placate easily through truces, though you will be able to spend a favour with that lobby to prevent the attack. Likewise, if they belong to an allied lobby, they'll be available for you to use in combat or projects by also spending one favour.

These units cannot be destroyed as long as the lobby itself is not destroyed, so using these forces to fight on your behalf is relatively risk free and will come in handy in dire situations.

Of course, there is a tradeoff for these niceties. The forces of enemy lobbies can now gang up on you and create an enemy army combining each lobby's forces if the Local Tension is at 100 or in some cases even slightly under that.

This will be a new powerful reason to seek to remove enemy lobbies whenever possible, as the more enemy lobbies there are, the stronger the combined enemy army will be.

Monday, August 11, 2014

On the Next Release and the One After That

Now that no more bugs are being reported and the past busy weekend is over, I'll give you some explanations on what's going to happen in the next releases.

I'm going to start working on a very, very laborious but interesting feature to keep me motivated through the upcoming development. This will be the "Something involving renascents" item in the list to your right, it will concern renascents but also every other unit in the game, so it's going to take a long while to finish. It might even take longer to complete than a regular release, so I'll work on that on the background whenever I feel like changing the pace while developing other shorter-term features.

The shorter-term release will focus on "Something involving politics" and should take much less time.

It might look like I'm teasing you with all this vagueness, but I don't like to announce a feature until I'm at least pretty sure about its final form. I might find myself bound to something that might turn out to be a fundamentally flawed concept, so bear with me for a while there.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Anamnesis 140803 Released

Previous savegames are not compatible.

I'd say that was about enough delays, so here, have a new version.

Honestly, I'm not quite satisfied with this release, but I guess not all releases can have a brand new game mode. It also took a lot longer than expected to finish, in part because of unrelated stuff and in part because of a lingering lack of motivation. I'll try to fix this lack of motivation by adding something nice in the next big release that will make development interesting once more.

There are so many fun things to pick from in the development goals...

Bugfix1 Released: The pesky outcast limbo bug reappeared, drastic measures were taken to remove it that hopefully fix it for good. Checking the new lobbies' information caused a crash that's been fixed and now you can only get a new affliction or gain an affliction level 1 out of 3 times your Weariness increases over 100.

Bugfix2 Released: The game thought that you were losing one of your own territories when you lost at the High Seas, forbidding you from extracting Arkhe in some cases. This is fixed now. Also, in what appears to be a hosting conspiracy of some sort, I'm now unable to access Mediafire, so I've switched to Dropbox for mirrors, let me know if you're having any issues there.

Change Log:

  •  Detailed Afflictions: Weariness over 100 will now give you afflictions instead of simply lowering your stats. The effects of these afflictions are varied and detailed, with a different one for each territory and 1 generic affliction for each of the 2 factions.
  • Basic City-Building: You can claim land in the Projects menu after occupying a territory or buy it from local aristocrats. You'll be able to either sell this land or build housing and assets in them. Housing will create a core of loyal colonists, while assets may yield different bonuses or penalties. Assets can be acquired through your learned abilities or by inviting local aristocrats once you have enough land. Assets require a Fortress/Dungeon and they are affected by the tendencies' values. If your base accumulates over 100 Weariness, assets and housing will start to suffer as well.
  • Piracy: There is now a pseudo-territory named The High Seas where naval combat takes place. Attacking units with ferrying capacity will threaten any maritime commerce you are carrying at the time. Wandering enemy units will also yield a loot relative to their ferrying capacity if  confronted and defeated.
  • Local aristocrats must be invited before you can carry any other action with them. Good furniture and lavish expending can give you better chances while negotiating with them. Their fortunes also fluctuate depending on voting results.
  • You now need at least 10 Merit to be summoned to a voting. This is part of an ongoing effort to introduce players to the different mechanics of the game more gradually.
  • Enemies are now aware of strategic advantages and disadvantages and act accordingly.
  • 1 new territory was added.
  • 4 new units were added.
  • Several small fixes and tweaks.